FoQ My Life.

No. Seriously.

Save In The Flesh.
The top words is from Amy’s lines of S1E02.


Save In The Flesh.

The top words is from Amy’s lines of S1E02.

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So I’m going to the BB16 cast party…

which means I might end up hanging out in the same room as not only Zach Rance, Nicole Franzel, and Donny Thompson but also Will Jardell??

I’m guessing Will might be there because James Wallington retweeted something about the bb16 cast party and according to people on tumblr, James and Will might be dating sooooo if James is going maybe Will is too?

Thursday’s shaping up to be the best night ever.


ariana grande’s brother sure is a piece of shit

Also, let’s be honest, Zach Rance pulled most of Team America’s weight.

So much for that???

Holy shit. Did Hollyoaks preemptively DELETE all the Sammy/Brendan Brady lookalike stripper scenes from today’s first look episode?!??!

shippingmysugarcubes asked: Did you have to specially train John at all for the show, or was he just awesome enough to be a fabulous actor?


He’s just awesome.



If Sinead and Ste screw at the 70s disco night on tomorrow’s episode, and Sinead gets preggers with Ste’s baby but claims it’s Tony’s, Hollyoaks will officially be the worst.

Called it.

I think the Hollyoaks character I miss the most is Emma Smithwick.